Setting Up Promo Mail-outs


Mail-outs can be done from an email address using own domain (read Connect Your Domain) or sub-domain

1. Click on the envelope on the top bar

2. Select the release and target groups for the promo mail-out

3. Click on Send Promo


  • Promo mail-outs are only available for pro-users. It is possible to make a complete cycle mail-out on the last day of the pro-plan subscription.
  • We recommend to send a test mail-out to the group of Moderators. This can be done as many times as required.
  • Our system will re-send the promo package automatically only to the contacts who haven’t read the initial email.
  • The new release will appear on the Promopool page right after the promo mail-out and will stay there for 2 month. After that period .wav files will be deleted from the server.
  • All the bounced and unsubscribed contacts will be removed from the database automatically.

  • Use the “eye” button to hide the feedback or make it visible again.
  • Our team is currently working on setting up different types of statistics. Coming soon...