Deep Square Berg Audio

nice release) thanks)

Benno Blome

nice tunes, thx!

Faster Rabbit Hole / Vinyl Club / BodyParts / Mulen / VIVa

Anton's for me, thank you

Terrance Terry Real Tone

all looks great , thks guys , dowloading

for BP digital
Sami Wentz Defected, Strictly Rhythm, Noir Music

dj skif remix for me, thx

for Highway Records

i like , will play

for BP digital
Raresh [a:rpia:r]

will check, thanks

for BP digital
sami.wentz Defected, Strictly Rhythm, Noir Music

nice release

for Beef Records
Joachim Garraud Ultra


Mihai Popoviciu CYCLIC

the moods are nice!

for Vivus Records
A Free Official Website

Connect your domain to our Profelabel template and use it as an official website for your record label or artist. It is a free service and always will be. Profelabel template offers you a selection of key web pages essential for a strong music industry presence. The page options include: booking, podcasts, demobox, contacts and many others. You may individually disable the pages, which are not needed to you and you may also request pages, which are not available in our template and we will be sure to add them.

Promo Pool

If a full website is not required, Profelabel can be used as a powerful tool for digital promo mail out. There’s a comfortable and easy to use interface which includes a specially developed tool for effective collection of feedback comments. Your promo client list can also be imported in or created from scratch. The promo company has the full control from a pre-release page, this web page can be distributed to a selected mailing list and is not accessible to other users. The most positive feedback comments can be displayed on the page to improve user-interaction and all the feedback comments can be downloaded at any time.

Contact List

We have designed and developed a simple user-interface for working with your contacts. The interface has the capability to sort your contacts not only by ‘date added’ and ‘rating’, but also by the level of involvement in your promo campaigns. You can either import your contacts in *csv format or add them one by one. The contact profile also includes many other useful settings.

100% Guarantee of Promo Delivery

When a promo e-mail does not reach a certain client, there is an option to send out a special web-link. Clicking that link confirms that the client indeed wants to receive that promo. From then on, Profelabel bot guarantees the delivery of your promo at the most suitable day of the week and time of the day for your clients, be it through email or another messaging service. Your clients and contacts always have the option to reconfigure the delivery of promos and even refuse them.

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Start Simply

If you are using our Profelabel template as the official website for your label or artist, all you need to provide is a link to your Beatport page; this will allow all your discography to be imported into the template within a 24 hour period and save you a lot of time typing in the data manually. There are no complex settings and navigation, simply upload your logo, background, connect domain and the website is ready to go live.

Profelabel is a really handy and useful tool,
I've been using it to promote my Plant 74 label's releases
for quite sometime now. And a new version of the website
looks as dope as it gets ! Big ups.

Tripmastaz Owner of Plant 74

I have been using Profelabel for quite a few years now. I like their services and slick interface. Great service.

Schwa Owner of Beef Records
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