Adding of an album for promo mail-outs

  1. If you do plan to make a promotional distribution of your uploaded album, then open “releases” page.

  2. Click on the red "+"  button in the lower righthand corner of the screen to open a submenu.

  3. In the open pop-up menu, please enter the title of your uploaded album. Through pressing the “enter” button you can list all the artists who participated in the making of the album. To include the album’s release date, click the Add Release button, then the screen for typing in all the necessary information about the album and uploading files will open.

  4. Upload the artwork, all the necessary tracks and the description of the album. You can also include a link for purchasing the album, if it’s already on sale.

  5. Now you can add description of the release. Please note that the added description will be used in the promo newsletter. Please write the description text correctly, as due to an incorrectly written description, some sent messages may end up in spam folders. How to write a correct description.

  6. Make your promotional mail out.

  • Promo-mail out is only available pro-users

  • The uploaded album can remain awaiting its newsletter for 4 months. If the promotional distribution has not begun in that 4 month period, the album gets deleted. A week before the deletion, the manager is notified about the forthcoming removal by email

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