Contact List

To open your contact list click on the  on the left bar.

Contact List interface consists of 4 tabs - Active, Inactive, Broken, Refused, On Verification.

  • Active tab contains all active contacts
  • The Inactive tab contains all the contacts that you have disabled
  • All contacts with non-functioning emails are located in the Broken tab
  • The contacts which unsubscribe from your mailing list end up in the Refused tab
  • After importing a large databases of new contacts, all the suspicious email addresses will appear in On Verification tab. A contact will be placed in the Active folder as soon as permission to receive promos has been granted. If a recipient fails to give his permission to receive your promos, this contact will then fall into the Refused folder or will remain in the On Verification folder.

If a contact ends up in “Broken” and “Refused” tab it is shown by the indicator in the corresponding tab, the number of those contacts is also shown.

The manager cannot move the contact back to its original place. When you enter the tab with the indicator, the moved contacts are highlighted with the red border.

Your contact list can be sorted by Date of Addition, Alphabet or Rating. You can also filter by groups.

Your Contact List can be viewed in two modes - "card”  and “table”  . In “table” mode, you are able to further sort by three, useful for analytics, parameters.

Active is the percentage of contact’s engagement. If the contact has always been re-directed from the promotion e-mail to the release page by a weblink, then this indicator equals to 100%

Dwn (Downloads) - the number of downloaded releases

Skip (missed promo e-mails) - the number of the latest missed promo e-mails. When a contact is directed from a promo newsletter by a weblink, this indicator is reset. The manager needs to pay attention to contacts with the a high number of Skip and try to establish out the reason. It is quite possible that the contact has marked outgoing emails from you, as spam.

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