Design settings

In order to customize the design, click on the "cog-wheel” icon on the left side of the screen. Then go to the Design tab.

On the design settings page, you can upload your logo, background, favicon and choose a color for the buttons. Also there is an additional option for repainting all avatars of your contacts in a black and white palette, as there are many labels which may require this.


It is advisable to have the logo in PNG format with a transparent background. Monochrome logo in white, usually looks the best.

Under the button for uploading your logo there is an additional option “Show label's title next to the logo”, which displays the name of your project next to the logo. This option is available in case your logo does not contain the name of your label.

If your label’s name appears under the artwork of the logo, it is then recommended that you move the name to the right of the logo. Just like shown below.


For the background it is recommended to only use photos and images with no contrast and minimum white elements, this is because white text will be placed over the top of those photos or images. Black and white images and different textures are most favourable choice for the background. It is not recommended to use images which contain text, as the image will be cropped to the monitor's aspect ratio and your text may be clipped.

If you prefer to fill the background with a repeated image (ornament / pattern), then use the “Use pattern option”.

Brand color

You may select a color that will be used for the buttons of your interface. Do not use white color, as white writing on the buttons will not appear clearly.

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