Importing Contacts List

  1. Prepare your contacts list in an excel file. First row must contain Emails and second row - Artist Names.

  2. Save as .CSV file.

  3. Click on the  icon on the left bar.

  4. Press the  button in the upper right corner to open a submenu. Select “import contact list”  button.

  5. Upload the .CSV file to import email addresses. All the new email addresses will get into the current contact group.

  • The loading and processing of the .CSV database usually takes some time

  • After importing a large databases of new contacts, all the suspicious email addresses will appear in On Verification tab. A contact will be placed in the Active folder as soon as permission to receive promos has been granted. If a recipient fails to give his permission to receive your promos, this contact will then fall into the Refused folder or will remain in the On Verification folder.

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