Request approval for sending promos

How to guarantee promo delivery when it is not being received? If a certain contact of yours is not able to receive a promo, here is what you should do. Open your contact list, click on "Contacts"  button on the left side of the screen, find the contact in question, open the menu and click 'Request approval'.

A pop up window with further instructions and a link should then open. Copy and send the link directly to your contact via email or any another messaging service.

By accessing the link below your contact will confirm his approval for receiving promos and activate our Telegram and Messenger bot, which can provide the guaranteed promo delivery and edit contact's data, if necessary.

Upon activation of our bot, an icon (Telegram or Messenger) will appear above a picture of your contact. That contact will then receive all of the promo links via a channel chosen by him.

How to identify the most problematic contacts

Switch to view your contacts in a list / table format by clicking on the icon  above your contact cards. Sort your contacts by "Skip'" column. Contacts with the highest "Skip" score are the most problematic contacts for whom it is worth trying our "Request approval" option.

  • At the moment, Profelabel team is working on connecting bots to other messengers

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