Setting Up Promo Mail-outs

  • Mail-outs can be done from an email address using own domain (read Connect Your Domain) or sub-domain

  1. Click on the airplane icon  on the left bar.

  2. Select the release and target groups for the promo mail-out.

  3. Select the groups (tags) to which you want to send the promo mail out to. If a certain contact is in several groups at once, then this contact will receive the promo mail only once.

  4. Click on Send Promo button.

  • If your uploaded album did not appear in “promo sender” section, this means you have mistakenly uploaded it into ‘releases’ section. You can only distribute albums which have been uploaded to “promo-pool” section

  • Promo mail-outs are only available to pro-users and it is possible to make a complete cycle mail-out on the last day of the pro-plan subscription.

  • We recommend to send out a test email to the test (me) group. This can be done as many times as required

  • 10 days after the start of the promo campaign, our system will re-send the promo package automatically to the contacts

  • The distributed album will remain in the promo-pool section for 2 months. At the end of this period, the album will be moved to the releases section, with .wav files being replaced by .mp3 files

  • All the bounced and unsubscribed contacts will be removed from the database automatically

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